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Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan on November 16, 1581

Ilya Repin

This painting depicts the historical 16th century story of Ivan the Terrible mortally wounding his son in Ivan in a fit of rage. By far the most psychologically intense of Repin’s paintings, the Emperor’s face is fraught with terror, as his son lay quietly dying in his arms, blood dripping down the side of his face.

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House in Rock by Farhad Navid

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Icarus by Sascha Schneider (1906)

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why is my school so grimey….

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Dr. Rose’s Arsenic Complexion Wafers, from the Sears and Roebuck 1902 catalog (via)

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Departure of the Witches, 1878 by Luis Ricardo Falero.

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Water pipe burst during a very cold spell

Photo credit: Michael Elms

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